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STA Executive Chair:

Christina Kempenaar

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STA Executive Chair:

Kristine Kosolofski

Has one of our members had a special event in their life, is ill, or needs some cheer?

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pro-d committee

STA Executive Chair:

Rita Zeni

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scholarship committee

STA Executive Chair:

Amanda Culver

The members of the Sooke Teachers Association are proud to offer six scholarships to the students of School District # 62.  These will be available to graduating students attending full-time post secondary school.  Scholarship awards will be in the amount of $1,000.

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social justice

STA Executive Chair:

Amanda Culver

The BCTF is proud of its history as a social justice union. This means that as an organization of professionals, we accept and act on our broad responsibility to be involved in the social development of the communities and the province we live in, and we do this in the interests of the children we teach.

A social justice union advocates for social change that will enhance equity, security and safety, sustainability of communities, participation of citizens in social change, and access to opportunities for personal growth and development.

The social justice initiatives of the Federation focus on poverty, child and youth issues, race relations, gender equity, homophobia and heterosexism, bullying, environmental issues, globalization, and violence prevention. In addition, the Federation has an advisory committee on Aboriginal education.

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TTOC & New Teacher Chair:

STA Executive Chair:

Mary McEachern


If you would like to be added to the TTOC emailing list, please send an email.

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