The focus for February is LOVE.

 Love – Zaagidwin:

Love is represented by the eagle because he has the strength to carry all the teachings. The eagle has the ability to fly highest and closest to the creator and also has the sight to see all the ways of being from great distances. The Eagle’s teaching of love can be found in the core of all teachings, therefore an eagle feather is considered the highest honour and a sacred gift.

Eagles are loving parents and teachers to their offspring, protecting and guiding them.

To know love is to know peace. Love must be unconditional.

View your inner-self from the perspective of all teachings. This is to know love and to love yourself truly. Then you will be at peace with yourself, the balance of life, all things and also with the creator.


Our goal is that teachers will learn together with their students about these teachings and bring them into their regular classroom activities. With a focus of love, students could:

 As a class/school, on Feb. 14th, recognize Have a Heart Day – a child and youth-led reconciliation event – this year is Have a Heart Day’s 10th year anniversary!  See the link for ideas and resources on how to commemorate this day and help students stand up for love and fairness.

  • Write, draw, talk about love for others and for yourself – what do you do for self-care?  How do you take care of yourself.  Share interests.
  • Brainstorm “What is love” and discuss why it is important
  • Discuss the connections between love and protection.
  • Conversations around how following COVID protocols is showing love to your community.
  • Stewardship lessons – love for earth and others
  • Take a look at this list of books about love.
  • Have students decorate an eagle feather and write above or below the feather someone they love and or how they might show their love.  The feathers of the whole class/school could be put together in the shape of an eagle.  On the next page, see the Feather art by Michelle Stoney, a Gitxsan artist who has graciously given permission for anyone to print off and colour this design – she just asks that it not be used for sale or profit.
  • Family tree with the eagle on top then branching down to people and things you love and why as the base and the roots could be foundational character pieces.
  • Engage in self-reflection and self-assessment techniques, being honest and kind with where they are in their learning journeys.

At the secondary level, the Leadership classes would likely be an ideal place to generate ideas and activities for schools to engage in.

There are a number of ‘days’ to celebrate throughout February with a link to love.

  • Have a Heart Day – February 14th   See above for details.
  • Valentine’s Day – February 14th
  • Family Day – different types of families (see book: First Nations Families/“Les familles des Premières Nations by Karin Clark)
  • Pink Shirt Day (last Wednesday of February)
  • Moose Hide Day – taking care of one another, standing up against violence
  • Black History Month
  • United Nations Social Justice Day


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