Important Pro-D Information


Standard Pro-D Events/Expenses 

Standard Pro-D: Workshops or conferences that are run by:

  • BCTF
  • Provincial Specialist Association
  • Local Specialist Association
  • Local Pro-D Committee

Standard Pro-D Fees

  • University courses credit/non-credit (tax deductible) up to $250 per year
  • Professional Association Fees

This makes up the majority of opportunities in the province. These events do not require pre-approval from our Pro-D committee as long as they are located in BC.  

In addition, Standard Pro-D claims can include:

  • Alternative Pro-D Events approved and promoted directly on the STA Homepage
  • Classroom Observations/Mentorship Release (located in the CRD)

Please remember that if your event falls on an instructional day, a Pro-D Leave form must be submitted to the STA Office.

Note: (per policy) all members are charged a fee of $300/day, from the Collective Fund, for PRO-D Leave that occurs on instructional days. 

Alternative Pro-D Events:​

​Teaching is a dynamic and diverse profession and sometimes standard
Pro-D offerings are not available on the topic of interest/need. There are a variety of professional learning opportunities offered by specialist groups, businesses, universities or other parties that could be acceptable use of Pro-D funds at alternative events. There are many factors that affect the funding of alternative Pro-D events including Local Pro-D policy, the BCTF Pro-D Lens and Revenue Canada. The Pro-D Committee will consider all applications. Pre-approval is required!

Further Alternative Pro-D claims can include:

  • Classroom observations outside the CRD
  • Conferences or workshops held outside of B.C. (See 3.6 for restrictions)

Extensive Travel (Outside of BC)
Travel and event costs outside of British Columbia requires pre-approval. Such applications must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a significant workshop or conference
  2. A similar offering is currently unavailable in BC
  3. Costs are deemed reasonable by the Pro-D committee
  4. Please remember that if your event falls on an instructional day, a    Pro-D Leave form must be submitted to the STA Office.

Note: (per policy) all members are charged a fee of $300/day, from the Collective Fund, for PRO-D Leave that occurs on instructional days. 

Who gets Funding?

All teachers on full or part time contracts that are counted in pro-d numbers in October have access to professional development funds in SD62.
Funds require the member to pay for upfront expenses and then claim reimbursements after they have attended the event.
There are 2 funds that members have access to:
Collective Fund:
  • Pro-D Funds were increased in May 2018 to $500 per member – available every year.
Site Based Funds:
  • Site Based funds are no longer being ‘funded’ annually for each school
  • Each site (the school where you work) has its own pro-d policy that determines the amount you have access to (for whatever is left)
  • Contact the pro-d rep at your school to find out how much money you have access to
  • Confused? Talk to your site Pro-D Rep or Email us

What Events Can I Apply for Funding?
Some Pro-D activities or events are easy to process and reimburse members.  Others have policy, ethical or Revenue Canada implications that require adjudication.
While you have professional autonomy to choose what events you participate in, you are bound by local policy (at the discretion of the STA pro-d committee) to access funding for those events.


  • This is training that is provided by or funded by the district
  • All Costs associated with in-service (travel, Fees, accommodation, TTOCs etc.) are not covered by Pro-D funds​

Other Pro-D Funds and Resources

Professional Book and Video Clubs

To make funds available for teachers to collaborate through the use of professional books and videos as guided by the
purposes and principles of professional development.


  • A minimum of 3 members in a Book/Video Club
  • Funds are provided to purchase professional books/video(s) (or their electronic equivalent) for reading/viewing and discussing
  • Maximum $300.00 per group (school visa accounts may not be used to make purchases)
  • Special requests can be made for further funding to accommodate a larger group as seen fit by the PDC.
  • Funds are limited and reimbursements will be awarded on a first come first serve basis
  • Money is spent on agreed upon books/video(s) by the Club members.
  • Books/video(s) become the property of the purchasers
  • Professional summary of resource will be used for website publication
  • Reimbursement will occur when a professional summary has been submitted to the committee ​

Pre-Approval Process

  2. The Pro-D Committee will review the application and email the group leader to confirm funds are available.

Reimbursement Process

  1. Complete the PROFESSIONAL BOOK/VIDEO CLUB REIMBURSEMENT FORM Online to receive the necessary funds.
  2.  Submit a joint book/video(s) summary for publication. Please include the title and author(s) of the book/video(s), as well as the names of the club members and their schools and email   Please  write a detailed and professional summary, at minimum include an overview of the resource, the target audience, who would benefit from reading/reviewing the resource, etc. (check out our other Book Reviews for a sample)
  3. Send all original receipts and completed form to the Pro-D Chair c/o the STA Office.
  4. Reimbursements will be issued after a professional summary has been submitted.

Pro-D Leave Form

Use this form if you wish to attend on a pro-d event on an instructional day. The backside of the form has instructions of how to apply.

Group Application Fund

A portion of the Pro-D monies shall be established annually to make funds available for interest groups to sponsor activities or workshops on a
district-wide basis.


  1. Workshop MUST be advertised to ALL STA members.
  2. Workshop must be offered after school or on a Professional Development Day.
  3. Workshop must be guided by the purposes and principles of professional development; see Pro-D Policy.

Pre-Approval Process

  2. Application must be forwarded to the STA Office a minimum of two weeks in advance of the workshop taking place.
  3. The Pro-D Committee must approve the application and workshop prior to the workshop being held.

Reimbursement Process
1.    AFTER completion of event with approval, of apply for Reimbursement.