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School District No. 62 (Sooke)

Lower Vancouver Island Teachers’ Associations:
Saanich Teachers’ Association (#63) 778-426-1426
Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association (#61) 250-595-0181
Gulf Islands Teachers’ Association (#64) 1-250-537-4990
Cowichan Teachers’ Association (#65) 1-250-748-2251
Lake Cowichan Teachers’ Association (#66)1-250 748-0011

BC Retired Teachers’ Association

Lower Vancouver Island Retired Teachers
President                          Diane McNay
Vice-President                 Sharon Lassey
Social Convener              Sharon Lassey
Membership                    Margaret MacKenzie


100 – 550 West 6th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4P2
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School Act: Revised Statutes       

Manual of School Law   

Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers and Education Assistants

Sooke Staff Committee Handbook 2018-2019

Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics states general rules for all members of the BCTF for maintaining high standards of professional service and conduct toward students, colleagues, and the professional union.

  1. The teacher speaks and acts toward students with respect and dignity, and deals judiciously with them, always mindful of their individual rights and sensibilities.
  2. The teacher respects the confidential nature of information concerning students and may give it only to authorized persons or agencies directly concerned with their welfare. The teacher follows legal requirements in reporting child protection issues.
  3. The teacher recognizes that a privileged relationship with students exists and refrains from exploiting that relationship for material, ideological, or other advantage.
  4. The teacher is willing to review with colleagues, students, and their parents/guardians the quality of service rendered by the teacher and the practices employed in discharging professional duties.
  5. The teacher directs any criticism of the teaching performance and related work of a colleague to that colleague in private, and only then, after informing the colleague in writing of the intent to do so, may direct the criticism, in confidence, to appropriate individuals who are able to offer advice and assistance.* It shall not be considered a breach of the Code of Ethics for a member to follow legal requirements or official protocols in reporting child protection issues.
  6. The teacher acknowledges the authority and responsibilities of the BCTF and its locals and fulfills obligations arising from membership in her or his professional union.
  7. The teacher adheres to the provisions of the collective agreement.
  8. The teacher acts in a manner not prejudicial to job actions or other collective strategies of her or his professional union.
  9. The teacher neither applies for nor accepts a position which is included in a Federation in-dispute declaration.
  10. The teacher, as an individual or as a member of a group of teachers, does not make unauthorized representations to outside bodies in the name of the Federation or its locals.

*See 31.B.12 of the Members’ Guide to the BCTF.


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